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Who We Are
Our Story

We've spent our careers in derivatives using tools which couldn't keep up with the rapidly changing environment.

After years of research we decided to show the market what wasn't possible before: That we could take out the tedium of integration, and make analytics dramatically cost effective and easier to use.

We are technologists, quants, and traders who spent our careers building, configuring, and using technology for trading of financial products. We share a common desire to bring meaningful change to the analytics technology necessary in finance.

Our Vision

On the path towards fully automated trading markets we recognize the pragmatic approach for the near future must -1- integrate key tenants of A.I. derived from human intelligence, and -2- Bring elements of consumer web user experience design to enterprise applications for brokerage and dealing of client-driven financial products.





Valuation Service

Our valuation services are available over the web, API, and Excel. Thanks to our in-house built math language and pricing technology we use a single engine to value everything from options to structured bonds and their swaps.

Email for a demonstration or trial.

Partner Platform

Our visual interface for combining analytic models makes it faster and easier to test and release updates in a controlled environment. Intermix your own models while effortlessly modifying numerical assumptions as the market changes.

Native integration with most programming languages.



Any calculations mapped in Disent instantly get an API to integrate with your in-house analytics, treasury systems, trader spreadsheets, etc...

We offer a real-time excel plugin on top of our RESTful interface.

The Structured Notes Pricer tool (SNPricer) enables both wealth management professionals and investors to build custom notes, price any structure, and compute fair market quotations.


This tool gives users the same advanced analytics used by institutional traders to structure notes.
Register with the link below to test it out for yourself, and begin participating in the market with unparalleled pricing transparency.


Our in-house team is augmented by leading Academic practitioners for your needs in capital markets.


Services provided:


  • Quantitative Research

  • Regulatory Risk Reporting

  • Vendor Systems

  • Systems Integration


  • IBOR exotics

  • IBOR alternatives

  • BIS accords

  • Emerging markets



Long-term Strategy

We realize an incremental leap alone over existing solutions does not guarantee the long-term horizon we desire. We align our business strategy to incorporate the bleeding edge of the consumer sector and open source community into stable enterprise technology.

Technological Innovation 

Built from the ground up Disent utilizes a real-time, dependency driven graph architecture, is cross platform by design, and scales itself automatically.

The same calculation flow technology is equally suited for both complex numerical evaluation as it is for evaluating business logic.




Corporate Headquarters

99 Hudson Street, Suite 526

New York, NY


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+1 (917) 294-9927

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