Toolkit and apps for capital markets and private wealth.


  • Write simple JSON to create dynamic REACT/REDUX app's with widgets engineered for financial applications


  • Python API and execution platform

  • Build backend and middleware, plenty of components to get started.​

  • It's visual, one of a kind.

Variety of apps and app- components to use directly or to start from. From EQD to IRD to FXD...

Complete apps

  • Disent Trader (showcases what JsBuilder and PyBuilder can do)


App components

  • Market data management

  • Contract static, schedule gen, date math

  • Historical back-in-time reval, risk mgmt/scenarios

  • Code profiling

  • Vol management

  • Intelligent integration

  • Models (in house, customizable, hot-swappable, use open source like QuantLib).

  • Canned connectivity 

  • Batch jobs execution framework

People: Our team has deep expertise in capital markets risk infrastructure / global derivatives. Our advisors created many of the first OTC derivatives products and markets.

Anthony, Batu, Leo, Niels, Vitor / Andre, Andrew, Jim, Michael, Tomasz

Primary offices in NYC's TriBeCa neighborhood. To get in touch email firstcontact[at]disent[dot]com

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Disent Trader (version 2.0 in beta) calculates fair value, risk, and statistical metrics across tens of thousands of financials instruments every day for our users.

Fully automated integration, validation, and calibration of the millions of data points and analytical methods required to achieve this using our visual Python programming and execution environment.

  • That means we have hundreds of stocks connected to their bid/ask volatility surfaces and dividend curves, fully automated to price and shock risk on infinite combinations of tradeable assets.

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Common requests

  • Python quant dev and execution framework 

  • Treasury portfolio and risk toolbox

  • VaR as a service (18-f)

  • Whitelabel/co-branded apps (RIA portals)

  • Terminal service / custom broker screens

  • Automation of signal gen/systematic strategies