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Anthony R. Malizzio


Anthony R. Malizzio is an American entrepreneur, software engineer, and global risk (derivatives) technology expert. He is the founder and CEO of Disent Corp.

In 2018 Disent was founded to solve the recurring problems Anthony faced in his career: all financial institutions face identical technological hurdles, and constantly re-invent the proverbial wheel in isolation. Disent’s technology and designs are a direct result of working “boots on the ground” with dozens and dozens of the world's most systemically important financial institutions struggling to cope with the rapid change of financial markets.

Having the backing of leading industry practitioners and academics Disent has finished its early fundraising, onboarded its first clients, released its first product, and is about to release its next-generation solutions.

Anthony started his career in New York City working for Murex, the premier firm in global risk technology.​ His work centered on creating mission-critical solutions for capital markets trading. The solutions he designed for profit-and-loss, risk management, and regulatory reporting are in continuous operation today at institutions around the globe.

He holds degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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