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The future of spreadsheets,
starting with utilities for trading.

About Us



Who We Are

We are technologists who spent our careers building, configuring, and using technology in capital markets. We share a common desire to bring meaningful change to the technology used to work with data.



Our Story

We've spent our careers in derivatives using tools that couldn't keep up with the rapidly changing environment.

After years of research we decided to show the market what wasn't possible before: that we could take out the tedium of integration and make technology dramatically more cost effective and easier to use.

Our Vision

We acknowledge that enterprise platforms never succeeded in replacing beautiful spreadsheets.


Our objective is to create a tool as ubiquitous as the spreadsheet, as robust as an enterprise platform, and with the power of the constantly evolving open source community. It'll be so simple to use, you'll want to use it for just about anything.

What We Offer

Our offerings

Utilities for trading...

Notes Trader

For structured notes professionals.

Full analytical suite for ​buyers and sellers of structured notes.

Key functionality:

  • Portfolio PnL monitoring

  • Backtesting (payoffs and features)

  • Quant pricing/solving

  • Scenario/market risk analysis

  • Underlying optimization

  • Normalized market data

Batteries included: regularly calibrated models for interest rates, dividends, volatility, and correlation.

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Future of the spreadsheet...


For spreadsheet power users, data scientists, and quants.

Whether building analytical workflows or analyzing data, do so with the user experience of a spreadsheet but with the power of open source (Python!) .

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Long-term Strategy

We realize an incremental leap over existing solutions alone does not guarantee the long-term horizon we desire. We align our business strategy to incorporate the latest innovations in the consumer sector and open source community into our stable enterprise technology.

Technological Innovation 

Built from the ground up. Disent utilizes a real-time, dependency-driven graph architecture, is cross platform by design, and scales itself automatically.

The same calculation-flow technology is equally suited for both complex numerical evaluation as it is for evaluating business logic.

99 Hudson Street

Suite 513

New York, NY


+1 (212) 991-8153

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